Epoxy Flooring and Moisture Vapor Systems – Burbank

Epoxy flooring is one of the most versatile and widely used floor system used for residential, commercial and industrial floor surfaces. Almost every commercial concrete floor you walk has some type of epoxy system on it or below it. There are 2 types of epoxy applications.

Epoxy Coating
Epoxy coatings are ideal for floors tat require protection from or may come in contact with oils, harmful acids or chemicals. Concrete is a very durable material, however, it is not resistant to most chemicals used in commercial or industrial settings without some type of coating.

Epoxy Sealant
An epoxy floor sealer is design to protect concrete floors or other floor systems from water, dust, moisture, and chemical resistance. You’ll find an application like this used on commercial production floors, warehouses, mechanic shop floors, showroom areas and garage floors. Sealants also help concrete stand up to abrasion, scuffing and is ideal for high traffic areas. Sealants are also used to cure new concrete floors.

A high level of moisture below or in concrete floors is one of the main reasons why floor systems fail. The adhesion failure between concrete floor toppings or coatings is often avoided when a moisture vapor system is installed before a floor system is installed. Even very low moisture emissions and elevated alkalinity has the ability to compromise the toughest flooring system installations.

The best solution for addressing this issue is to prime the concrete surface with a moisture barrier that tightly bonds to the substrate. EER, Inc. uses a moisture vapor reduction system specifically designed to greatly reduce the amount of moisture that penetrates concrete floors. The vapor reduction system is VOC compliant, is unaffected by a PH 14 (ASTM D-1308 test method), and can reduce moisture vapor emissions by 97%.

Epoxy floor coatings & sealant systems are used for:

  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Floors
  • Production Floors
  • Food Service Industry
  • Cafeterias
  • Hospitals
  • Showrooms
  • Auto Mechanic Bays
  • Food Services Industry
  • Schools
  • Retail Stores


About our Company

Founded in 1988, EER, Inc. began providing rental equipment to the asbestos abatement industry.
In 1989, EER, Inc. began offering shot blasting and floor preparation services to the Burbank area. EER Inc. also offers epoxy floor systems and moisture vapor systems. In 1991, we introduced our floor covering removal services to the Burbank area. To date we have shotblasted over 30,000,000 sq. ft.

In 1998, we purchased ride-on shotblasters for large warehouses and bridge decks and diamond grinding equipment which will clean and profile concrete while returning the surface to a smooth just finished appearance.

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