Shot blasting and Floor Preparation – Fontana

Shot blasting is an environmentally friendly and cost effective solution for preparing concrete floors. This process strips, cleans and profiles concrete surfaces that tend to retain chemicals, oils, mastics and other penetrating contaminants. Before any coating or floor system can be applied to a concrete floor, the surface must be profiled, making it free of chemicals, dirt and other contaminants that can act as a barrier to proper coating adhesion.

This process is considered concrete surface preparation and is the first process that must be completed before other floor systems can apply other floor systems. EER, Inc. has the technology to achieve controlled shot blasting results varying from a light etch to removing up to an inch of concrete.

The end result leaves the floor surfaces clean and dry with a uniform profile and texture which provides enhanced performance for new coatings and toppings to bond to. We utilize a wide range of  specialized equipment and methods to insure your floor’s substrate will adhere to any coating adhesion.


Scarifying is a floor preparation technique used to grind down uneven slabs, control joints or high spots. High spots are areas where concrete rises over time or the concrete slab was poured unevenly. Most concrete floor systems cannot be applied to an unleveled floor.

The scarifying technique is also used to remove cement adhesives, epoxy, leveling compounds, paints and other types of coatings or adhesives before installation of a new floor system.

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About our Company

Founded in 1988, EER, Inc. began providing rental equipment to the asbestos abatement industry.
In 1989, EER, Inc. began offering shot blasting services to the Fontana area. The Floor preparation system, also known as shot blasting, is a dustless system that cleans and profiles concrete slabs simultaneously while creating excellent bonding characteristics for new floor coatings. In 1991, we introduced our floor covering removal services to the Fontana area. To date we have shot blasted over 30,000,000 sq. ft.

In 1998, we purchased ride-on shot blasters for large warehouses and bridge decks and diamond grinding equipment which will clean and profile concrete while returning the surface to a smooth just finished appearance.

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