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Damaged or deteriorated concrete floors can be costly to replace, or replacement may not be an option. One of the best solutions is to re-enforce damaged concrete with a cementitious

underlayment system.


EER, Inc. installs self-leveling cementitious underlayment systems designed to level, smooth, and repair interior floors. This type of system is used before other floor coatings are installed.


Cementitious underlayments are used to renew floors that are in poor condition, repairing heavily eroded surfaces exposed to thermal shock, chemical exposure, and high impact traffic. Cementitious underlayments can be installed at different levels of thickness between feather edge up to 1/2" or more. Once a concrete underlayment system has been installed, almost any other type of floor surface can be installed within 24 to 72 hours. Suitable floor coverings include tile, carpet, vinyl composition tile, rubber and wood plank flooring, as well as industrial applications such as Resinous Epoxy & Polyurethane flooring systems.

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