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Resinous flooring has become the benchmark for flooring solutions in Commercial and Industrial Facilities for its ability to provide high-performance, durable, long-lasting surfaces. From protective thin-mil coatings to heavy-duty troweled mortar, resinous flooring has the advantage over traditional floor coverings as a solution to numerous problems. It will protect concrete floors from harmful acids and chemicals commonly used in industrial environments. These systems can be applied to most substrates, can be sloped for proper drainage, and can include an integral cove base to create a seamless flooring system for added protection.


The versatility offered by resinous flooring systems covers the spectrum, providing standard industrial to decorative commercial floor finishes in endless color combinations and textures for slip-resistance. Fast-curing systems are available for quick-turnaround projects helping Facility Managers and General Contractors stay on schedule.


Epoxy and Polyurethane flooring systems are relied upon to provide an easy-to-clean and maintainable floor surface that meets today's demanding safety requirements and can be applied in occupied facilities with minimal disruption to normal

facility operations.

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